K!ART [klart] is a music and performance ensemble based in Copenhagen focusing on the newest contemporary music and performance art. The ensembles unique instrumentation required innovation and the creation of a dedicated repertoire realised through the close collaborations with young and upcoming composers. K!ART has a specific interest in multidisciplinarity and digital media and the ensemble is dedicated to creating immersive audience experiences relevant to the 21st century. Since the beginning of 2020, K!ART has consolidated into a quartet formation while maintaining close colaborations with other musicians and performing composers. In the 2020/2021 season composer Marcela Lucatelli and Jens-Peter Møller aswell as the Ekki Minna duo will join K!ART for concerts.

In the ensemble's first season (2019) it performed works specificly written for it by composers Connor McLean, Kirsten Milenko, Asger Valentin, Neli Pantsulaia, Julie Kjaer, Joss Smith, Arshia Samsaminia and Sophia Sagaradze. Additionally in that season works by Xavier Bonfill, Frej Wedlund, Jens-Peter Møller, Kaj Duncan David, Raphael Cendo and Alexander Schubert was performed at concerts.

Upcoming projects in the 2020/2021 season include concerts in Copenhagen and Aarhus. A collaboration with composer/performer Marcela Lucatelli has led to the creation of "Skrrt, Skrrt" a full-lenght staged work created together with the ensemble, which will be premiered September 23 in CPH and presented Oct 25 in Aarhus presented by Current Resonance. Additional new works by Athanasia Kotronia, Evagoras Apokidis, Neli Pantsulaia, Rob Durnin, Martyna Kosecka and Jens-Peter Møller will be premiered through the season, which also includes a collaboration with the Ekki Minna duo.

The season will also feature several new studio recordings of both audio, and audio-visual works, which will be released on https://klart.bandcamp.com.

Ensemble K!ART
Cello: Iiris Tötterström
Percussion: Hsiao-Tung Yuan
Piano: Rob Durnin
(e)&guitar, curator: Mikkel Schou

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