K!ART [klart] is a music, art and performance ensemble with focus on the newest contemporary music and performance art. Based in Copenhagen the ensemble consists of some of the most dedicated young professional musicians in Denmark working with contemporary music. The ensembles unique instrumentation encourages innovation and the ensemble is dedicated to creating immersive and relevant audience experiences. Besides immersing themselves in the works of the most innovative composers of the 21st century, K!ART is equally focused on actively collaborating with young and upcoming composers. So far the ensemble has presented collaborations with Jens Peter-Møller, Frej Wedlund, Kirsten Milenko, Asger Valentin, Connor McLean and Neli Pantsulaia with many more collaborations being announced and presented in the near future.

With their focus on interdisciplinary art, multimedia and the combination of acoustic instruments with electronically altered sounds Ensemble K!ART [klart] is a perfect fit for the music making of the 21st century.

Ensemble K!ART
Cello: Iiris Tötterström
Trombone: Eugen Lontos
Percussion: Lorenzo Colombo
Saxophone: Oriol Pares
Electric & acoustic guitar, artistic direction and management: Mikkel Schou
The ensemble regularly collaborates with other musicians.