Kirsten Milenko: "Pastiche" (2019)*
Connor McLean: "I am a two hearted animal" (2019)*
Neli Pantsulaia: "Clean up your mess" (2019)*
Asger Valentin: "Kvartet Forår 2019" (2019)*
Alexander Schubert: "Hello" (2014)
*world premiers

Studiescenen 14th of May 2019. 19.30. Free entrance. Rosenørns alle 22, DKDM, Copenhagen.

This concert is the result of the collaboration between 4 young composers based in Copenhagen and the ensemble. The audience will experience a concert full of contrast from the almost inaudibly subtle to violent clashes between old traditions and the 21st century.

"We are young. Multimedia. We are people, collaborating with young people. #multimediapeople. And this concert will show how young people make music and deal with the challenges of our generation. HELLO Multimedia. Oh! * Multimedia."

Sax: Oriol Pares
Cello: Iiris Tötterström
Trombone: Eugen Lontos
Piano: Fēi Niè
Percussion: Kalle Hakosalo
El-guitar: Mikkel Schou