Mikkel Schou DEBUT

Mikkel Schou, K!ART, Ekki Minna duo, Marcela Lucatelli & Henrik Olsson
PART 1 (19.00-20.45): https://bit.ly/3r9BuxQ
PART 2 (21.30-22.45): https://bit.ly/3kDQVfh

The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Mikkel Schou, Ensemble K!ART & EKKI MINNA duo presents a concert featuring the world premier of works by Athanasia Kotronia, Evagoras Apokidis, Emil Vijgen, Rob Durnin and Esben Nordborg, the danish premiers of works by Stefan Prins and Sarah Nemtsov and a special appearance by Marcela Lucatelli & Henrik Olsson.

Stefan Prins: “Generation Kill - offspring 1” (2012)¤
For cello, percussion and 2 performers with game-controllers
Sarah Nemtsov: “Seven Colours” (2018)¤
For mixed ensemble and electronics
Evagoras Apokidis: “Karesansui II” (2020)*
For mixed ensemble
Athanasia Kotronia: “Händer” (2021)*
For mixed ensemble with video by Tilde Edlund and with the participation of Rosanna Grezel, Hedvig Cassel, Hilda Cassel and Julia Bengtson.
Emil Vijgen: “Photobooth Study no. 2” (2021)*
Rob Durnin: “what, de facto” (2021)*
Meta musical animatronic lo-fi staged piece for 4 performers and computer graphics.
K!ART: Mikkel Schou, guitars and stuff, Iiris Tötterström, cello, Rob Durnin, keys and electronics, Hsiao-Tung Yuan, percussion.
Ekki Minna Duo: Andrew Power, cello and Jónas Ásgerisson, gamecontroller.

¤Danish premier
*World premier

Late night chill out stream. Noise for elguitar and 48 speakers and a coze improv set together with Lucatelli & Olsson.
THIS CONCERT WILL BE STREAMED BINAURALLY! Wear headphones for optimal listening experience.
Esben Nordborg: “Drones” (2020)*
For elguitar and 3-D sound
Improv feat. Lucatelli and Olsson