Click the future! // K!ART

Click the future! // K!ART

Arshia Samsaminia: "Inside the twisted mind of the Mr. Sophistication" for ensemble and tape (2019)*
Dominik Dieterle: "-Solo- (obscured light)" for guitar (2018)*
Sophia Sagaradze: "BLOCKS ("my/your/Our" Choice to develop world)" for ensemble (2019)*
Mikkel Schou: "žaRbmaərđnaīli_2þwo" for electric guitar and MaxMSP (2019)*
Joss Smith: "Click the Future!" for ensemble and live electronics (2019) *
*world premiers

KoncertKirken Blågårdsplads 6A 4.12.2019 19.30 .

Experience a concert with a focus on the intersection and cooperation between digital and acoustic as Ensemble K!ART invites you to a concert of five world premier works by young international composers from Iran, Germany, Georgia, Denmark and Wales. Distorted and over saturated sounds clash with live electronics and introspective acoustic music. There will be interactive computer algorithms and at the end a touch of multi-genre as the musicians become pawns in an intelligent get "computer"-rich quick scheme.

The concert is made possible with support from KODA Culture, Augustinus fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond.

Mikkel Schou: guitar, electric guitar, electric base, electronics
Iiris Tötterström: cello
Francesco Facca: soprano, alto & baritone saxophone
Rob Durnin: piano
Hsiao Tung Yuan: percussion
Joss Smith: live electronics